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Environmental protection and sustainable development, has been a consistent pursuit XINYUE silicones. Adhere to the sustainable development of human basic, with its product features and professional services to enhance the quality of human life.

Scientific and technological innovation to create value


As an innovative silicone company, always focused on economic - ecology - balanced development of the social objectives of the three, with advanced and scientific management ideas and establish "new Vietnam" brand, to build China's organic silicon class enterprises.

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Dongguan City-Etsu Silicone Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Xinyue Silicone Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in silicone products development, production of national high-tech enterprises. Founded in 2010 so far, after five years of healthy and rapid development, has become a well-known supplier of silicone additives.

Xinyue Silicone focus on refining and improving laboratory equipment, now has a complete test system, advanced analytical instruments, laboratory equipment perfect for fast, efficient product development to provide a full guarantee. The company automated production equipment, modernization, effectively ensure the stability of product quality.

In focusing on Xinyue Silicone silicone products at the same time after the application of textile finishing, and constantly open up and seek Silicones in other areas, the company has developed a leading domestic level of tetramethyl cyclotetrasiloxane (D4H ) and pesticides silicone exhibition penetration, long-chain alkyl silicone oil, liquid silicone screen printing, trademark liquid silicone, platinum catalyst,

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  • Screen liquid silicone Product... Nontoxic special silk transparent two-component liquid silicone is a high strength, high transparency, high tear resistance, soft, strong bonding, shrinkage is small, the operating time of 5 hours of the new printing plant gum; from Ger...
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  • How to improve the life of the... How to improve the life of the silicone mold?Silicone mold life and improve accuracy and shorten the mold manufacturing cycle, many companies are technical problems need to be resolved, but in the course of silicone mold often occur col...
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